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About us

The Norwegian Research Centre for Solar Cell Technology joins scientific and industrial players in the field of photovoltaic technology with the aim of further developing the strong, Norwegian photovoltaic industry and substantially contributing towards making solar energy a significant renewable energy source. The Centre partners are IFE, NTNU, SINTEF, the University of Oslo, CleanSi, Dynatec, Elkem Solar, Mosaic, Norsun, Norwegian Crystals, the Quartz Corp, REC Silicon, REC Solar and Semilab.

The main objective of the Centre is to give current and future companies in the Norwegian photovoltaic industry access to world leading technological and scientific expertise, thereby enabling this industry to grow into an important land-based industry in Norway. The Centre activities include:

  • Building a national, scientific and technological research and education infrastructure that covers the solar cell value chain from raw materials to finished solar cells and modules.
  • Running a national researcher school in solar cell technology.
  • Training of PhD and post.doc candidates as a recruitment base for the growing photovoltaic industry.
  • Coordinating strategic investments in equipment, personnel, competence development and technology in the coming 8-year period to fill gaps in the research infrastructure and to carry out world leading research.
  • Strengthening the recruitment of Master students in relevant fields.
  • Create an arena for industry, research institutes and academia where fundamental knowledge is transformed into innovative ideas that form the basis for future innovation 'harvesting' projects in conjunction to the Centre. This includes arranging important meeting places such as the Norwegian Solar Cell Conference.

The research in the Centre is performed within 7 work packages. The total Centre budget is approximately 340 MNOK over the duration of the Centre (2009–2017).


Contact: Erik Stensrud Marstein - Centre Director



Centre members can find more information on our internal e-room.